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New Member

Tried to file 2 W-2 Forms separately

I am new to doing taxes and have filed them before by myself but that is when only had 1 job. This past year I received 2 W-2 forms and decided that to file one because I had forgotten about the other one. When I received the other W-2 form I had no idea that I am able to amend my return to add my other W-2 form so I decided to file that one separately and it got rejected. How do I fix this mistake because I don't want to get in trouble or not receive my return at all.

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Expert Alumni

Tried to file 2 W-2 Forms separately

You will need to add your second W-2 to the first filing only. 


To add your 2nd W-2, it depends on the status of the first filing.


If it has been accepted and approved, then amend(change) the return that was filed.

  • Get started on the change, but wait another few weeks until Form 1040-X is available to actually file.
  • To do this in TurboTax, open the first account that has the first W-2.
    • If you had added the W-2 after filing, return to this area and delete it.
    • From Tax Home, scroll down to Your tax returns & documents and Show More.
    • Go to 2020 and select Amend(change) the return.
      • This must be selected before any changes are made to the filed return so that Form 1040-X shows what was filed first, the change, and what is filed now. 
      • Next, return to the Jobs(W-2) section and add your 2nd W-2.

Only if the first return was not yet filed, then directly add the W-2 and try e-filing again. Form 1040-X will not be needed. The change can be done without waiting.

  • Inside TurboTax, go to the search box and enter W-2 and select the Jump to link in the search results to return to this area of your return.
  • Look toward the lower left hand side of Your W-2 info so far and select Add a W-2.

For more information, see: How do I amend my 2020 TurboTax Online return?

New Member

Tried to file 2 W-2 Forms separately

What if it was only accepted but it does not show that it has been approved. Does accepted mean it has been approved?

Expert Alumni

Tried to file 2 W-2 Forms separately

No, it does not mean it has been approved. Accepted means the IRS has received the return. It usually takes only a few days to be approved, but can take up to three weeks.


Watch for email updates from TurboTax. If the return is rejected, TurboTax will help. Open your return and follow the prompts to fix it. 


For more details, see: 

Why does Where's My Refund say "approved" but TurboTax still says "accepted"?

How do I fix a rejected return?

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