This is For TurboTax -- software issues
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New Member

This is For TurboTax -- software issues

I've used TurboTax for two years now, 2019 and 2020 and have had the same problem both times.  I fill out the tax form using your method of going just to the sections I need (not being led through mega questions about everything possible), but when I'm done I discover I haven't seen a place to elect to have my refund applied to next years estimated taxes.  Both last year and this year I had to call one of your help people on the phone.  The guy, "Jack," who helped me this year worked with me and we finally got it done, but even he had difficulty figuring it out.  Finally, we did it one way for fed taxes and then a different way for state taxes.  I'll be I was on the phone with this man for 30 minutes.  It seems to me the software fix would be easy.


Second, I print and file -- don't use e-file.  You should have just one selection to make that will print out exactly just the pages you need to file.  I had to go into form and designate the individual pages to be printed.  

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This is For TurboTax -- software issues

How do I apply my refund to next year's (2021) tax... (

As for printing, there is an option to just print the government forms for filing.  I suspect you are choosing to print the review copy, not the File one.


When you have selected the File tab, and the option to file by mail, then in the Print Center you can select to print the "forms filed with the government".  

New Member

This is For TurboTax -- software issues

My intent was not to ask questions, but was rather suggesting to TurboTax how I thought the software could be improved.  That aspect was ignored by Sweetie.  She did help with one issue, though not sure if I'll be able to remember it for next year (assuming the software isn't improved), but as to the other, she missed my point, I guess, as her answer was not on point.

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