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New Member

I just saw I could get a USAA member discount on Turbo Tax, but I've already filed.

Can I be reimbursed for this $20 I would have saved on Turbo Tax. I just filed last night and logged onto USAA today and saw the discount for members. Thank you!
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New Member

I just saw I could get a USAA member discount on Turbo Tax, but I've already filed.

Since you already filed you cannot get the $20 discount this time around, however, let me provide you with some information for how it works. 

Please follow these steps to have the discount applied:

  1. Completely log out of your TurboTax Account by clicking on My Account and selecting Save and Sign Out
  2. Go to the promotional website or email in your email inbox
  3. Click on the Sign In link.  Important: you MUST click on the link on the website or in the email in order to get the discount
  4. Sign into the account that the website or email link provided
  5. If you never started your return choose a TurboTax product that is right for you. Please DO NOT navigate anywhere else please choose a product to continue. If you do you will lose the offer, please repeat steps 1 - 4 to reset the offer code.
  6. If you are returning to finish your return click "Continue my Return". Please DO NOT navigate anywhere else, please only click "Continue my Return." If you navigate away from "Continue My Return" you will lose the offer. Please follow steps 1 - 4 if you navigate away from "Continue My Return."
  7. Once in your return click the File tab
  8. Click Start to review your order
  9. The discount will be applied to the federal portion of your return, the old price will be slashed out and the new one will be presented
Please Note:
  • These discounts ONLY applies to the your Federal fees, all other fees are not discounted.
  • If the discount is not applied to the price in the "Review Your Order" screen, the discount was NOT applied.
  • You will know If the discount was applied because you will see the full federal price slashed out and replaced with the discounted price.
  • DO NOT pay full price if you expect the discount. Your card will be charged the full price for the software.

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