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State changed my refund, and now I owe. Something about prepayment?!

So I just got a letter on the Georgia Department of Revenue website.  When I clicked on it, it said they had changed my tax form.  Originally we were supposed to get a decent refund, and now they're saying I owe almost $1,200.  WTH?!  I've cut and pasted the body of the letter below.  It looks like our tax liability is $1159.00, and they're not showing that they actually withheld $2067.00 from wages (even though I just checked, and it's on my federal return AND W2 forms. Of course I'll call them in the morning when they open, but what the heck is going on here??  What even is the prepayment credit?


Reporting Period: 31-Dec-2017



L[phone number removed] 25-Apr-2018 

Notification of Changes in Return

This letter is to inform you that the Georgia Department of Revenue has made changes in your individual income tax return. Based on the information provided, your refund or balance due may have changed.


Payments: 0.00

Tax Withheld: 0.00

Georgia Tax Credits: 0.00

Tax: 1159.99

Estimated Tax Penalty (UET):  0.00

Carry Forward: 0.00
Amount Due: 1159.00
Refund Amount: 


The changes made were to the following line(s) on the submitted GA form 500/500EZ:

Prepayment Credit

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State changed my refund, and now I owe. Something about prepayment?!

Hi there! It's not unheard of for some people's returns to change after they've filed, for a few different reasons.


What do you mean you got a letter from the GA Dept of Revenue website? Did they email you? 


Also, when you call to inquire, I recommend looking up the GA Dept of Revenue's phone number separately from the letter you received to ensure you are calling the right place. This could very well be a real letter, but you can double check the phone number on the letter by looking it up separately.