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john m287
Level 2

flaw in system

your system requires a pin for use if you don't have last years agi it enters zero ,,, your own selected pin is 5 digIts ,, but if you have your irs pin .. its xxx-xxx . a seven system and if YOUR filing widow selection, hers don't come up and ....BINGO   IRS REFUSES YOUR RETURN BASED ON THIS  NO AGI FOR DEC SPOUSE ????


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Level 15

flaw in system

The 5 digit pin and 6 digit pin are two totally different things.


There are two types of pins:

1) The personal 5-digit filing pin that the IRS no longer issues or uses, but will still honor the pin that was used in 2018 if you know what it was. Now the IRS only used the 2018 AGI for filing identification. The 5 digit pin is also used as a electronic signature to sign yiur e-filed return.

2) The Identity Protection (IP Pin) which is a 6-digit pin issued each year by the IRS that the IRS mails to you each year that it is needed. It changes every year so you cannot use last years IP Pin.

If the IP Pin required by the IRS you cannot e-file without the IP PIN.

If you lost or did not receive it then your only options are to:

1) use the IP PIN recovery site:

2) Wait for the phone service to return.
Presently, because of the Corona virus shutdown, the IRS is not taking calls.

3) Print and mail file. (The IRS is currently only storing incoming mail until the IRS reopens).

**Disclaimer: This post is for discussion purposes only and is NOT tax advice. The author takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any information in this post.**
Level 15

flaw in system

IRS doesn't have to issue five-digit PINs ; it is selected by you for use next year when you e-File this year.


If you want to use the PIN you selected last year, set the AGI field EMPTY.

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