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Can't download product

I just purchased Home and Business 2018 with Windows download. I received a receipt by email and a link to my downloads. The link brings me to my downloads, and I see my purchase, but when I put my cursor over the download icon nothing happens. The link doesn't work. Also, it looks like I made two purchases. Here is a cut and paste from the download page: TURBOTAX HOME AND BUSINESS TAX YEAR 2018 WIN DOWNLOAD WITH STATE TURBOTAX HOME AND BUSINESS TAX YEAR 2018 WIN DOWNLOAD WITH STATE To the left of each is a download icon. So did I buy this product twice and how do I download at least one of them. Jeff
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Can't download product

Try this link to get your download.  Or is it what you are using?


At that page if the download button is not working, then try using a different browser.  That might resolve it.


This is a user community forum, so we don't know why it shows your product twice or if you paid twice or not.   Was your card charged more than once?


If you need to speak to TurboTax Customer Support, here's how.   Hours are 5AM-5PM Pacific (8AM-8 PM Eastern.)


You can use the form at the link below to schedule a call back, or it may provide a number.

Where the form asks what product you are using, be sure in the dropdown menu to indicate "CD/download" and the proper operating system, then indicate which Edition.