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Can I file the amend for 2018 tax?

Hi All:

               I already filed the 2018 tax return,  but recently I got the SSN for one of my child (she used ITIN before),  I want to use the SSN instead of ITIN, so that I can get the Child Tax Credit,  because I got the SSN this year, so not sure if it can be used for 2018 tax return, and if I need to file the amend for 2018 tax return.  Appreciate if anyone can help.

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Can I file the amend for 2018 tax?

Yes, you can amend and enter the child's SSN.

TheIRS says "you may not claim the credit on either your original or an amended return for a child who doesn't have an SSN by the due date of your return (including extensions), even if that child later gets an SSN." Since you did have the SSN by the due date, you can still get the Child Tax Credit.