Property Taxes Entry Screen
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Level 2

Property Taxes Entry Screen

Trying to enter property tax data; entry box higlights (blue border) and shows $0, but the cursor is not active within the box and entering data has no effect. 

There are three entry boxes on the "Enter the property taxes you paid in 2020" screen:  Main Home, Additional Home, and Foreign Real Estate.

The Main Home and the Additional Home entry boxes can be highlighted but data cannot be entered.

The third box, Foreign RE, allows data entry.


4 Replies
Level 15

Property Taxes Entry Screen

First of all, ensure that you did not enter information from a Form 1098 (mortgage interest statement).


Next, read all the way through the thread at the link below (you might be encountering something similar in this year's product).

Level 2

Property Taxes Entry Screen

Thanks for your rapid response! I read through the link and it describes the steps I took three times this afternoon.  I saved the return I was preparing, exited from the program, relaunched the program and stepped through the prompts until the "Enter property taxes you paid in 2020" screen appeared. Two of the three entry boxes (Main House, Additional Houses) did not allow data to be entered; the third entry box (Foreign Real Estate) was active and allowed data to be entered.

Level 15

Property Taxes Entry Screen



Did you read the last post in that thread? Were you able to resolve the issue?

Level 2

Property Taxes Entry Screen

I did read it and it did not resolve the issue. Perhaps the issue will clear itself up when the next TT update is sent out.

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