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Please upload ItsDeductible item valuations to a CSV file

TurboTax tech support:
Please upload a CSV file containing all of the current item valuations used by ItsDeductible.


ItsDeductible has been a valuable resource for valuation of charitable item donations and import into TurboTax for charitable deductions.


With the discontinuation of ItsDeductible on 10/17/2022, we need to find other approaches to track
and value item donations starting with tax year 2022. This could be done with spreadsheets and manual entry into TurboTax, but we need the item valuations. Getting this info from existing ItsDeductible item summary PDF files for previous years is possible, but it's very time-consuming and insufficient for items not previously donated.


For reference: https://ttlc.intuit.com/community/taxes/discussion/itsdeduct[product key removed]ntinued-what/00/274...


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Please upload ItsDeductible item valuations to a CSV file

Thanks for this information, but they would have to update yearly, as the amounts will change, which in that case, why not just keep ItsDeductible, even with a small fee and add to the product when you purchase it, if you want it.  

Please upload ItsDeductible item valuations to a CSV file

Very true that becoming outdated is a problem with getting a download of current valuations. I'm fairly certain that the decision to discontinue ItsDeductible weighed the cost to support, including updating thousands of item valuations, against the number of users and unlikely ability to recoup that cost from any reasonable subscription fee.


At least this would be a start that's better than copy/paste from ItsDeductible item donation summary PDF files or various charitable donations websites that are probably not nearly as complete as the info in ItsDeductible.


The valuation of items probably won't vary substantially over a few years and the current valuations would still be much better than scouring thrift stores or making "educated guesses".

Please upload ItsDeductible item valuations to a CSV file

This would be so helpful if only to save all the addresses of my charities since 2007.  So many online donations of cash have websites, but no street address, so I have put in time finding one to put on for IRS purposes.   I'd like to keep them all without having to screen print them and then make a list either on spreadsheet or in Word.


Also, as mentioned, it would be nice to have the latest valuations to use as a base example going forward.

Please upload ItsDeductible item valuations to a CSV file

Go to each year in ItsDeductible, click View Summaries, and click the Summary PDF link to download the summary of contributions for the year.


This contains a fairly succinct summary with the charity names and addresses that you can copy/paste elsewhere.

Please upload ItsDeductible item valuations to a CSV file

Even more important.  I've already entered several hundred items for 2022 (We're downsizing).  I need to impor them to my 2022 tax forms.  

This is not the way to win friends and influence people!  The best solution is to allow the app to stay up through the 2022 tax year and not to accept inputs for 2023.

At the very least arrange for input of the 2022 data I've entered to date.


Please upload ItsDeductible item valuations to a CSV file

I agree. A CSV file would be helpful for starting our new adventure of how to build our tax audit trail. 


I understand that a file will age. What I'm after is knowing what items are currently considered higher value and the relative values of rarer items. I know the values of the little stuff from shopping at various thrift stores (aka Goodwill, St. Vincent's, Salvation Army). The CSV file would also make it easy to create an Excel file.


And yes, I know I could go into ItsDeductible 2021, and add a donation which included one of every item... to get the information. TOO TIME CONSUMING FOLKS, particularly when any database administrator could produce that in a matter of minutes. Give your loyal customers a gift folks!


PS- As an ex-application special, I'm sure one element of the discontinuation of It's Deductible was that Intuit didn't want to be the system-of-record for donation values. You want to have a reliable data point to fill your values list, which doesn't seem available these days.... the reason we are all sad to see ItsDeductible go!!! Drat!


Please upload ItsDeductible item valuations to a CSV file

Why drop all your customers during the tax year? Do you not have the decency to at least continue to the end of the year??? This shows how little Intuit really appreciates its customers.

Please upload ItsDeductible item valuations to a CSV file

Please be aware that ItsDeductible updates values at the time they are transferred into the TT tax program, so the "current" value may change.  And, as noted in the other threads on this subject, the IRS hasn't always accepted the ItsDed values, since they are not specific to the taxpayer's location.

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