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New Member

need help on answering a product question

I am in a limited partnership where I must file a k1. Does any of your products support this. Thanks I also have stocks and rental property. [email address removed]

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Employee TurboTax Specialist

need help on answering a product question

TurboTax Premier supports Schedule K-1 (Form 1065), stocks and rental property. For more information please click here.

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New Member

need help on answering a product question

Yes-thank you. Now I am considering of doing my taxes myself with the premier which is $150. I would like a heard copy since I use more than one computer. Is this possible and I am able to pick it up at Costco maybe? So I still get the $15 off and if I want the extra review for $50 is this possible-thanks.

Level 15

need help on answering a product question

Do you need to enter a K-1 you received or do you also need to prepare the Partnership return?


To enter a K-1, if you use the Desktop CD/Download program you can use any version.  All the Desktop programs have the same forms.  Yes you can buy it at Costco, does Costco still have a coupon?  I bought mine at Costco on sale.  You can buy the CD in the stores or you can buy the download online.   Watch out for what you get.  They also sell a new Online Live version that is not the Desktop program.    If you buy the CD and install it there is a problem and you can't install it on another computer.  So even if you buy the CD you should use the download instructions so you can install it on more than one computer.  


Oh, and if you buy the Download program be sure to get the right one, Windows or Mac.  


I bought the CD at the Costco store.  My friend bought the Mac download from Costco Online.  I can tell you  how it works for both.  

Level 15

need help on answering a product question

Where do you see Premier for $150?  It is only $100 here at Turbo Tax. 


And at Premier is only 54.99 

Level 15

need help on answering a product question

Oh you want the extra review?  That is only available in the Online versions not the CD/Download Desktop program.  You do not install the Online version but you can log into your account from any computer.  And there are several differences between Online and Desktop.


In all Online versions each state return is $40. No fee to efile. Efiling is free and included. And you may have to upgrade to a higher version for federal depending on what you need to enter. Like you need to use Premier for investments. You can see the Online prices here, click on State Additional under the price. Oh, and online is only for account and 1 return. To do another return you need another account and pay again.


FYI - For Online, Your return is only saved online so be sure to save both the .tax2020 data file and the pdf file to your computer when you are done. In case you need to amend it in the future or if you need a copy to get a loan or something. Or to transfer into next year. You might not be able to access your online return when you need a copy.


For the Desktop CD/Download program you can use any version. All desktop programs have the same forms so you can use a lower version. The Desktop program can do unlimited returns and efile 5 for free. In Deluxe and above you get one free state Program download to prepare returns in that state. Then each state efile is $20 (goes up to $25 in March) or you can print and mail state for free. See the Desktop programs here, Click on 1 state download under the price.


And the Desktop program has what if scenarios and you can see and enter directly into the actual forms. And the Desktop program is always available even after the year ends. Which is good if you ever need to amend your return after online website is closed or get audited and need your tax records. With the Online version you can't get a copy of your return after Oct 15 for a month or so while they transition over to the next year.

Advantages of Desktop over Online


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