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I've been issued and installed my IP PIN received from the IRS. Am I required to enter a 5 digit select pin of my choice in addition to the 6 digit IP PIN?

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@ RonPaiva 

Yes, everyone has to enter a 5-digit Self-Select PIN when prompted, where you choose the 5 digits.  That is what "signs" the return electronically.  If you wish, you can use the same digits you used last year, or you can use new ones.


You'll also have to verify the efiling by entering your 2018 AGI when prompted (or less commonly one could alternatively use the 2018 Self-Select PIN for verification).    And it will ask for "today's date" when signing. And I believe you also have to enter your DOB.  I can't view that exact screen right now.

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How can I get my pin from last year

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Please see below for information on how to retrieve your IP PIN online or by phone.


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I received my IP PIN, but TT didn't prompt me for it. I thought it would ask for it when I clicked submit, but it did not. So, now my returns have been sent without my IP PIN.


How can I remedy this?

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Your return will likely be rejected because you did not include the IP-PIN. 


After the return rejects, go through the File section of TurboTax and enter the IP-PIN and resubmit the return. 



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@ Stephanie59 

The IP PIN entry is not in the FILE section.  It is in a completely different section of the TurboTax interview. If your efiled return is rejected, here are 3 ways to get to the right place to enter the IP PIN.  You only need to use one method.   You can choose which method works for you the best.


  • With your return open, click in the top right corner on SEARCH.
  • Enter the term IP PIN without quotes, ignore the dropdown menu, and instead click the blue magnifying glass on that same line.
  • Then click on Jump to IP PIN.

Or here's a second way:

  • With your return open, click in the left menu column on TAX TOOLS, then choose TOOLS.
  • In the Tools window choose TOPIC SEARCH.
  • Enter the term IP PIN without quotes.
  • In the selection list highlight IP PIN and click GO.

Or here's a third navigation method:

  • With your return open, in the left menu column, click Federal.
  • Then at the top of the screen choose  Other Tax Situations
  • After that, if necessary, click on "See all uncommon tax situations" to see all the topics in that section.
  • In the "Uncommon tax situations" list, scroll down to Other Return Info, and expand to see the subtopics, one of which is Identity Protection PIN.


Can u please help  me to get my ip pin



Can u please  help to get my ip pin


@Jacobswife7 wrote:

Can u please  help to get my ip pin

Only the IRS issues a 6 digit Identity Protection PIN.  If you had an identity theft situation and reported this to the IRS then the IRS sends you an IP PIN each tax year either in December or January.

Go to this IRS website for IP PIN information - https://www.irs.gov/identity-theft-fraud-scams/retrieve-your-ip-pin

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