Installing TurboTax in Dropbox and access question
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Installing TurboTax in Dropbox and access question

Are there any issues I should know about when installing TurboTax to a custom location, rather than the default recommended by the installer?


I have two PCs, an older slow system with an optical drive, and a new fast system without. I plan to do my taxes on the new system.


Can I use my old PC to install the product from the manufacturer's CD to a folder in my Dropbox so I can access the product from my other PC?


Or am I screwed because the installer links the file signatures to only the system on which the product is installed?

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Installing TurboTax in Dropbox and access question

I'm not familiar with Dropbox, but the installation has to be performed on the computer on which the program will be used.


Why not just download and install the program software onto the new faster computer instead of using the CD?   Even if you bought a CD, you can get a complimentary download of the software.  I'll tell you how to do it in a comment to follow this one.   The download is also more up to date than the CD.


If you are an Advantage member and received a CD, there should already be a complimentary download in  your Advantage account here:


By the way, the license allows you to install on up to 5 computers you own.    If you are not an Advantage member, see my next comment on how to download.

Level 15

Installing TurboTax in Dropbox and access question

Level 15

Installing TurboTax in Dropbox and access question

This might be a roundabout way of doing it through your Dropbox, but as I mentioned above, it's much easier just to download the software to the target computer.


In any case, if you go the Dropbox route,  perhaps this is possible:


If you use this FAQ below, perhaps you can use Computer 1 to copy all the installation files from the CD to Computer 1, and then move that folder to your Dropbox folder.  Then perhaps you can copy that subfolder of installation files from Dropbox to the new computer and install from Computer 2's hard drive.   The installation process doesn't actually start until you launch it at Computer 2.


There's lots of steps there where things could go wrong.   An official download installation file to Computer 2 from  your account would be quicker.

Level 15

Installing TurboTax in Dropbox and access question

Another method might be to use Computer 1 and the instructions in the FAQ above, then copy that folder of installation files from Computer 1 to a  thumb drive, then deposit the folder on Computer 2.  Then install from that folder.


But do NOT install directly from a thumb drive.  You would have to place the folder with the installation files on the target computer first, then remove the thumb drive, or you may end up with a corrupted install.


Again, downloading the install program from your account is the easiest.

Level 15
Level 15

Installing TurboTax in Dropbox and access question

Installing via Dropbox the way you described it won't work. The installation doesn't just copy files to the computer. It has to interact with Windows to make entries in the registry and for other purposes. It's not a matter of "file signatures," but the installer has to run on the computer that you're installing the software on.


Do what mesquitebean suggested. Get a download and install on the new computer from the download.


Another option, of course, is to get an external optical drive for the new PC. You can get one for around $25. You'll find other uses for it.

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