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I want to efile my state taxes

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I want to efile my state taxes

. If you have e-filed your Federal tax return and it has been accepted, then you can follow the steps below to file your State return:

Login to your TurboTax account and then:

  1. Click on My TurboTax, then click on My Tax Timeline. (top left of the screen just below the TurboTax logo.)
  2. In the SOME THINGS, YOU CAN DO section, click Add a state. (Important do not select continue with state return as it will send you back in a loop. Please select add a state, as this will bring you back into the program, even though you are not really adding a state. Instead you will be selecting the tab in the next step)
  3. Click on the State Taxes tab. (Located in the upper portion of the screen)
  4. Click Continue to start or complete your state taxes.
  5. Click Done with State.
  6. Continue through the flow to review and file your state taxes.

Unfortunately, if you are looking to file only your state run. you can't. The TurboTax State program is designed to pull (transfer) information from your federal return. For this reason, TurboTax State is not sold as a standalone tax-preparation product. Please see the following TurboTax FAQ for more information: