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New Member

If I file my own taxes, can my parents continue to claim me as a dependent?

First time filing taxes, so I'm still confused.

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If I file my own taxes, can my parents continue to claim me as a dependent?

it depends on a number of factors including your age, how much you earned, whether you still live with them,  you health (disability), etc. 


Employee Tax Expert

If I file my own taxes, can my parents continue to claim me as a dependent?

Yes, if you file your own taxes, the parents can still claim you, providing they qualify to claim you. And YOU - can be their dependent and have your own filing requirements to file... If that is the case, you would have to indicate on your own income tax return that you are being claimed on someone else's return. Please read Do I need to file my own taxes if I'm a dependent? 


As NCperson indicated, there are very specific qualifications that your parents must meet to be able to claim you as their dependent. 

Your parents can claim you as a "qualifying child" if all the below conditions are met:

  • You must have the same residence for more than half the year (if you are away for school, it counts as having the same residence)
  • You  must be under 19 or under 24 and a full-time student for at least 5 months
  • You could not have provided more than half of your own support during the year
  • You are not filing a joint return for the year

Your parents can also claim you as a "qualifying relative" (if they don't meet the tests above...) and here are the qualifications:

  • You don't qualify as a "qualifying child"
  • You earned less than $4,150 in 2018
  • Your parents provided more than half of the total support for the year

Just a note, TurboTax does ask those qualifying questions to determine eligibility to claim a dependent.

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