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New Member

I need help fixing this return. I have tried everything

It keeps asking for Schedule SE information
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Returning Member

I need help fixing this return. I have tried everything

Good luck this program very disappointing!    I going back to HR block they offer online chat with tax people plus program more user friendly. 

Level 7

I need help fixing this return. I have tried everything

@jminyard90 - If the program is prompting you to enter Schedule SE information, it is because it thinks that something you entered is related to self employment. If you've, perhaps, entered a 1099-MISC or a 1099-NEC and they were not Schedule C Self Employment Income, but really "Other Income" which is unrelated to self employment forms, you will need to go back and delete those out of the system. The system will not require you to enter anything related to Schedule SE unless you've already done something to make it "think" that you have one. I do hope the following is helpful.


Follow these instructions to do so (if you have entered a document under the Business Income section):


When you are on the main page of your return - click on the tab at the top that says "Business" - "Business Income and Expenses" when you're under the Income Section. From there, delete out this 1099-MISC (or NEC, whichever one they provided to you) completely by clicking on the trash can at the end of the questionnaire where it gives you the option to enter another 1099 or proceed further. Get that out of this section as for your purposes, it does not belong there. 


After you have cleared that out of the Business section, click on the tab "Personal" at the top of your screen page. Select "I'll choose what I work on" and proceed. Scroll to the almost bottom where you will see the section "Other Income" and click on "Visit All". Click on "Yes", then select "None of the Above" then click on "Continue". 


If you did get a 1099-NEC, select "Yes", if a 1099-MISC, then select "No" and on the next screen it will ask you about a 1099-MISC. Enter all information from the form into the appropriate boxes and finish out that section and you should be all set.

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