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New Member

I need help filing my state taxes. i have to efile in new york state but it won't let me.

i already selected file by mail.   but when i printed out the paperwork, it told me that NY state requires e-file.  I then went back and tried to "amend" my state return but i do not know what i am doing.  I don't think i was supposed to amend.   Now i don't know where to go to efile.  please help!!
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New Member

I need help filing my state taxes. i have to efile in new york state but it won't let me.

While it is true that New York normally "requires" taxpayers to e-file, there are certain exceptions to this policy; for instance if you are unable to use the TurboTax software to transmit an e-file New York return, then you don't absolutely have to e-file your New York return.  One reason this might occur is if you selected the paper-file option for your federal tax return.  In that case it will simply not be possible to e-file just your state return alone (this includes New York).

Thus, despite New York's mandate for e-filing, you still have a couple of reasonable filing choices, including a state-based internet tax return submission site, as well as the option to paper file.  We also have a TurboTax Frequently Asked Questions webpage (at the link below), with some helpful details and which explains those options for New York, and provides the internet address for the New York stand-alone web-file option:

Probably the easiest thing to do, however, is to simply ignore the New York e-file directive and instead print and mail your state return to New York, along with signed copies of Pages 1 and 2 of your Form 1040 (or 1040A or 1040EZ).  Here is a link to the valid, official, New York mailing addresses that you can use for this paper filing purpose:

You will not be penalized, in a monetary sense, for paper-filing your New York return, despite what the New York Department of Taxation and Finance indicates.

If you've tried to amend your New York tax return, and did not intend to do so, please mail (i.e., paper-file) the New York tax return you originally printed.

Thank you for asking this important question.

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