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I dont wanna pay you over $200 for nothing

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I dont wanna pay you over $200 for nothing

Hopefully, you haven't already paid and filed.   This answer assumes you haven't.

Did you know you are using TurboTax Live?   You appear to be using Live Deluxe, which is 119.99 for a Federal return and 44.99 for a state return.    And if you choose to pay the fees out of the Federal refund there is an additional 39.99 service fee (44.99 for California filers.)

The Live product is an upgrade that includes live on-demand help from a CPA/EA tax pro during return preparation and a final review of your return, which they will sign.

FAQ:  What is TurboTax Live?

Assuming you haven't paid and filed, you can remove the Live portion, and then you would be in regular Deluxe  Edition, which is 59.99 for Federal and 44.99 for a state return.

FAQ:  How do I remove TurboTax Live?

Or you might be able to use a lower product, depending on what items are in your return and what forms you need.
See this FAQ on downgrading:

TurboTax does have 2 free products.  the regular Free Edition is more limited this year due to tax law changes.    If you need any of the new Schedules 1-6, for instance, then you can't use Free Edition.    You can read about the new schedules at the link below.  If you click the blue "see schedule" link there, it will show you what each schedule looks like.

Here are some common things that cannot be handled by the regular Free Edition:

     Itemized deductions
     Business or 1099-MISC income
     Sales of stocks/mutual funds/bonds
     Rental property income
     Foreign Earned Income
     Credits, deductions and income reported on the new schedules 1–6, such as the Student Loan Interest Deduction

TurboTax also  has another free product called the TurboTax Free File Program.  It is free for both Federal and State--IF you meet just one of the qualifications.   It can handle all the usual forms without the limitations of regular Free Edition. 

You have to meet only ONE of these qualifications:

1) 2018 AGI of $34,000 or less
2) Eligible for EIC (earned income credit)
3)  Active duty military (including Reservists/ National Guard) with military W-2 and 2018 AGI of $66,000 or less

NOTE:  If you switch to Free File Program by that method, and find out later you don't qualify,  you won't be able to go back to regular Online TurboTax in that same account.  So instead of switching that way, if you wish you could start a new account (User ID) at the Free File Program website, which would maintain the option of returning to the other Online TurboTax account, if necessary.
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