How to find the button "Transmit my Returns now ?
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New Member

How to find the button "Transmit my Returns now ?

This is my 3rd time using Turbo Tax, although I think that I sent the E-file apparently I did not because I never got a confirmation that it was accepted. As I did not get any answer I sent the balance due by certified mail on April 10 and I was confirmed the received payment on April 14. Today, still thinking that I sent the E-file, I tried to get the status directly on the IRS site. Due to I could not get any information I addressed the question to Turbo Fax and the system let me know to connect to  "E-file status lookup tool". I did,  but the answer of the system was No Record Found. Then, I follow the simple solution proposed by the system "Open your return and go through the File section again. Make sure you select the Transmit my returns now button". but I do not know how to reach it.  What do I have to do? 

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How to find the button "Transmit my Returns now ?

You can also look up the status inside your return in the program.  Go up  to FILE - Electronic Filing - Check Electronic Filing Status.

There is FILE at the top left and also a File tab at the end of the line that says
Personal Info Federal   State   Review   File

Go though the the last File tab all the way to the very end, though the 3 steps to find the Transmit Returns Now button.
Can you open your return?  Go to FILE (at top) OPEN
Level 15

How to find the button "Transmit my Returns now ?

Have you updated your program?  Go up to Online - Check for updates.  Here is a screen shot of my Windows Home & Business Desktop program showing the Orange Transmit Returns Now button.  See the FILE at the end of the line after Review?

New Member

How to find the button "Transmit my Returns now ?

Volvo Girl thanks for your answer, but still I need to talk to an expert to provide details
Level 15

How to find the button "Transmit my Returns now ?

What other "details" do you need?      Your question indicates that are using the CD/download version of Premier - VolvoGirl gave you the details to get the filing status for that version.

If the filing status says "accepted" then you filed.

You can also check your TurboTax filing status here:
<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="">>

You can check the IRS Where's My Refund website:
<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=""></a>
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