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Filed an extension and over estimated taxes owed. 2022

I filed an extension for my personal taxes, and Turbotax estimated I would owe $1240. I paid that. The following day, I received some missing documents and I ended up getting a refund instead. 


How do I get that $1240 back from the IRS. I can't track it in my Where's my Refund. there is nothing on file. 


Please help! It's been 8 weeks so far. I have the extension filed in Turbotax and my bank statement. 


I used the Turbotax online version. 



2 Replies

Filed an extension and over estimated taxes owed. 2022

So you haven't filed the actual tax return yet?


If your extension payment did not automatically show up on your 1040 or state return you need to enter it.  So make sure it's not already there before you enter it!


For 2022 Federal Extension payments should be on schedule 3 line 10. And go to 1040 line 31.


You can type estimates paid in the search box at the top of your return and click Find and it will give you a link to Jump To the screen where you enter Extension Payments.


To enter the amount you paid with an extension (including state extension)  go to

Federal Taxes (or Personal for desktop H&B version)

Deductions and Credits

Then scroll way down to Estimates and Other Taxes Paid

Other Income Taxes - Click the Start or Update button


Next page second section Payments with Extension

Either Visit All or Click Start or Update by the extension you paid

Filed an extension and over estimated taxes owed. 2022

If you did file the return check that the extension payment is on 1040 schedule 3 line 10.   It goes to 1040 line 31.  If it isn't there the IRS should match it up and add it to your refund.  

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