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File federal joint but state seperate

I have viewed several questions in the TurboTax community forum on the subject of filing a married joint federal return and separate for state. One of the responses had the suggestion of making 2 sets of forms with TT then select the joint for the Fed from one and then select joint for state with the other. A coupe of questions on this

1.       I live in Maryland which allows a separate married status. Does Maryland allow sperate filing status when the federal was filed joint?

2.       Using the suggested 2 account method ( one for joint and one for separate) will the change in federal status put incorrect info ( i.e. deductions, credits) into state return?

3.       Is there a way in TT to access and change just the state filing status? I’m using TT Deluxe.

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New Member

File federal joint but state seperate

1. Yes, Maryland allows filing separately after filing jointly on the federal return, but there are special instructions on page 3:

2. Since you are using the desktop version, TurboTax would flow to state correctly if you have the same filing status. For example, you would do a mock federal filing separately when completing the separate Maryland return. See instructions below:

3. No, Maryland TurboTax does not give you the option to change your filing status from what the federal return is.

If you have more questions about this, ask in the comment below.

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