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Level 2

e-filing Issues

After reading the threads on e-filing and some of the issues encountered - decided to print and mail federal and state returns.

Besides postage - and perhaps taking longer to get the refund....are there any other "cons" to mailing versus efiling? Someone told me the IRS actually inspects returns that are received in the mail, as opposed to returns that are filed electronically. But I doubt that....they are likely simply keyed into the same system that accepts returns electronically.

Thoughts - pros or cons - to mailing vs e-file via TT?

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Level 15

e-filing Issues

It is always better to e-file a return if you can not only because it processes faster but because you avoid possible data entry errors by the person at the IRS. They do not audit it as they data entry that's an old wives tale.

Level 6

e-filing Issues

As long as your numbers are correct, there will ne no problem with mailing.  Make sure you use a certified mail option so you know when the returns were received.  Your refund, if you have one coming will take a lot longer to get, possibly close to a year because the IRS is so far behind.  I always owe money, so don't care how long it take to process the return.  The IRS does take the payment out on time though.

Level 2

e-filing Issues

I decided to e-file federal return so I don't have to attach any forms.

But filing NJ costs $25 - so decided to mail that.

The NJ instructions from TT say:


Be sure to enclose federal Form 4868 for filing your final return under a federal extension. If the federal extension application was filed by phone or online, verify your confirmation number is entered
 in the space provided at the top of New Jersey main form.


I do have an extension (not received by phone or online) but don't have a copy of form 4868 that I mailed in - what do I do?

Do I just fill out a new one and mail it in with NJ?


Level 15

e-filing Issues

Typically (based on what I've been told by ex-IRS employees many years ago) when they receive a return in the mail, if it's hand written it's typically keyed in. If it's typed (as your turbotax return is) then it's just scanned in via an OCR reader.

Now this is based on what I was told over 10 years ago. Don't see any reason why it would not have been true then, or why it would not be true today.


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