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I tried to file our 2019 taxes electronically today.  My return was rejected over & over. After some investigation, I found out my husband's son who was 17 in 2019 and was 100% under our financial umbrella; filed his taxes and stated no one else can claim him as a dependent.  Under no circumstances did my husband or I agree to this.

Now I can't file our taxes electronically without removing my step son as a dependent. This will cost us an additional $500 in taxes on top of what we owe.

How do I rectify this?

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Your stepson is about the billionth teenager to do this.  Kids filing first tax returns often do this because they do not know any better and have no idea what aggravation they will cause for parents who need to e-file.



Your dependent filed a return without saying he could be claimed on your return and your return was rejected?  AFTER his return has been fully processed and he has received his refund, he has to file an amended return that says he can be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s return.  Amended returns (form 1040X) have to be printed and mailed.  They cannot be e-filed; it takes the IRS a couple of months to process them.  Meanwhile, since your e-filed return has been rejected, you now have to print and mail it in to the IRS.  You will not be able to e-file. You do not have to wait for your dependent’s amended return to be processed.  Remember that when you mail a return, you need to include copies of your W-2, etc. with your return.


For your dependent:


How do I amend my 2019 TurboTax Online return?

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Good for figuring that out!

For today, file an extension.  Then talk to a CPA or Tax Professional tomorrow.  

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