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New Member

AGI of deceased spouse

where do I obtain AGI of deceased spouse for 2018

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Expert Alumni

AGI of deceased spouse

If you filed Married Filing Jointly for 2018, the spouse's Adjusted Gross Income is the same as the other spouse. The 2018 AGI can be found on the 2018 Form 1040, Line 7. It would be the same for both of you. 


I am sorry for your loss.


If your spouse filed Married Filing Separately, you will need to look at a copy of the spouse's Form 1040 on Line 7.


The IRS says that the surviving spouse may file a Married Filing Jointly return by e-filing, but in practice, many surviving spouses must file by mailing in even if they have the AGI correct. 


You can read more here.

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New Member

AGI of deceased spouse

I'm being asked for my deceased wife's 2018 AGI as a means to verify her identity.  She past away in Oct 2019.  We filed joint/married in 2018 and this year, 2019.  I entered our AGI (line 7) from our 2018 Form 1040 and it still is being rejected.  Any ideas please?

Expert Alumni

AGI of deceased spouse

Check these items as well to ensure you have the correct number.  If you:

  • Filed late last year after mid-November or your return was processed after that time—try entering 0.
  • Amended your return last year—make sure you’re using the AGI from your original return, not the amended one. (If you only have a 1040X form, it’s on line 1, column A).
  • Rounded your AGI to the nearest dollar—be sure to round up when it’s 50 cents or more and down when it’s 49 cents or less.
  • Filed with your spouse last year—you and your spouse have the same 2018 AGI. (Don’t split the AGI amount or enter 0 for one of you).


Time-saving Tip: If what you entered is correct and you continue to get a reject, you won't be able to e-file. There's probably a data mismatch at the government, or some other situation beyond your control that prevents your return from being e-filed. In this case, your only option would be to print and mail in your return.


This article will give you instruction on how to print and mail your return.

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New Member

AGI of deceased spouse

Hello I hope you can help my husband passed away, and I don't have his agi my taxes keep getting rejected, how can I fix this we're married only 6 months before he passed away and we filed separate but I was told I could file jointly even if he passed away! Help please 

Expert Alumni

AGI of deceased spouse

In this case, you may have to file your joint return by mail. Before filing by mail, though, try entering "0" as the AGI.


Since this is the first joint return you are filing and you do not have his 2019 AGI, the IRS won't be able to verify your identity using 2019 AGI information - since you were not married (or filed separately) in 2019, your and his AGI were not "linked" in the IRS's 2019 tax database.


You can file a paper return by printing out copies of your federal and state returns and mailing them. We’ll include File by Mail Instructions on where to send your returns and what forms, if any, you need to include. 


And,  our condolences on the loss of your husband.


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