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AGI and IP Pin issues

Two VERY frustrating rejection issues regarding my 2021 TurboTax experience:

1) I see many people posting information and videos on how to find last year's AGI to be sure that it matches this years, but none of them tell me where to put that AGI number on this year's return!!!  I've tried searching in the TurboTax 2021 software to no avail.  Since I imported last year's tax return, I have no idea where this AGI information went in this years software!!!

2) Plenty of posts saying that the government stopped using the IP PIN requirement and, in fact, the entire IP PIN site on irs.gov is disabled, so there is no way to look up my last PIN, etc.  But again, no on has give a solution to the IP PIN issue!!  This year's TurboTax asked for it, so I entered last year's number (rejected).  I tried just leaving the IP PIN field blank, but this year's TurboTax won't even let me leave the form without entering a 6-digit number!!! Again, I have not seen anyone posting the solution to this frustration.

Please HELP!!!

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Employee Tax Expert

AGI and IP Pin issues

To resolve this, start by finding your 6-digit IP PIN:

  • This will be on the CP01A letter you received in December or January for your 2021 taxes. IP PINs for prior tax years won't work.
  • If you lost your letter or never received one, retrieve your IP PIN online at IRS Get An Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN).
  • If you're unable to retrieve your IP PIN online, you can have it reissued (allow up to 21 days).
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AGI and IP Pin issues

The problem is that many people are telling me that the IRS stopped issuing/using the PIN, and I didn't receive one this year!  When I go onto the irs.gov site to look up my pin, the site seems to be deactivated-- No matter where I choose to go or do, there is a message, "Access Denied.  You don't have permission to access "http://sa.www4.irs.gov/eauth/DasFcc/das.fcc" on this server.  Reference #18.77392b[phone number removed].1e852b11"  Since the IRS is no longer using the number, why are they rejecting my return!?

New Member

AGI and IP Pin issues

Just had this issue. Super annoying. 
Assuming you have an IRS.gov account set up, log into it, and leave it open. Then open another tab/window (using the same browser) and paste in this link: https://www.irs.gov/iden[product key removed]-scams/get-an-identity-protection-pin On that page, scroll down until you see the blue Get an IP PIN button. Click on it. It should open a page that gives you your IP PIN. Note that this only works if you are signed into your IRS.gov account in another window, otherwise you get sent to the login page, but you can't get the IP PIN from your regular account 😤
Don't get me started on how annoying it is to look for the place where you actually put the IP PIN in TurboTax...

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