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Add PLUS Benefits

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Add PLUS Benefits

Are you wanting to upgrade to PLUS?  What are you trying to accomplish by upgrading?  Are you trying to unlock a prior-year return?   If so, please answer these questions:

1) Have you already filed a 2017 TurboTax return, or is it still in preparation?   And is it in Free Edition?
2) Have you located the prior-year return, and is it in the SAME account as what you are using for 2017?  When you try to download/print/view the prior return, does it tell you that you need to pay?

We can tell you how to upgrade and pay when you answer those questions.

Be aware there's a free option if a tax return transcript would suit your purpose.  You may be able to immediately download a 2016 return transcript at this IRS website at the link below.  If you don't qualify to open a free IRS account there, you can order one to come by postal mail, which takes 5-10 calendar days.
<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Get-Transcript">http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Get-Transcript</a>
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Add PLUS Benefits

1?Yes, I have already filled my 2017 turbotax return, and it is free edition.
2) Yes, my prior-year return is in the same account as what I using for 2017. When I try to download prior-year return, it does not tell me to pay.

Add PLUS Benefits

You said it does not tell you to pay..  Is that a typo?   If access to the return is locked, then it should ask you to pay.
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Add PLUS Benefits

I'm sorry, it does tell me to pay. Thank you.

Add PLUS Benefits

This answer assumes your 2016 and already-filed 2017 Free Edition return are in the same account, which you have already confirmed.

  • Log in and go to the section "Your Tax Returns & Documents".  Click on that line or the word SHOW to expand that section.
  • Choose 2017.
  • Then click the link "Add a State".  (you aren't really adding one; that just opens the return back up.)
  • Once the return is open and past the blue-green screen, click in the left menu column on Upgrade.
  • In the Upgrade window choose PLUS.  NOTE:  If PLUS is grayed out, that means you are already in PLUS.  In that case, do NOT upgrade any farther, or you'll have problems.
  • Once you are in PLUS, then you need to pay for it.
  • In the left menu column, click on TAX TOOLS, then choose PRINT CENTER.
  • In the Print Center choose "Print, save, view THIS YEAR's return."   (yes, you say "this year's" because you are paying for PLUS 2017 to unlock the prior returns.)  You don't really have to print it.
  • On the next screen choose to PAY NOW.  (for this unlocking purpose, you cannot use the "Pay Later" feature if it's offered.)
  • The next screen will be an Order Summary.  It should show PLUS for 29.99.
  • Next screen says "Pay with Credit Card", but it can also be a debit card or prepaid debit card.
NOTE:  Do NOT use this method to open a return to make changes/edits to an already-filed return (one that has actually been mailed or efiled.)   If you later need to make changes to an already-filed return, you have to go through the formal amending process, and your return must start off exactly as originally filed.

NOTE:  Remember all PDF tax documents and data files are very sensitive files, since they contain your personal ID info, financial data, and possibly bank account numbers, etc.  Be sure to store them safely and securely to guard against computer theft, hacking, etc.
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Add PLUS Benefits

I am needing help making sure I have filled out my tax form correctly it shows I am owing money to the IRS and I want to make sure everything is correct before I complete the filing of my taxes. So I need to upgrade  to plus. Thank you 

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