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Where can I find 2017 form 8889 & 5329?

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Where can I find 2017 form 8889 & 5329?

Forms 8889 (report on activity in your HSA) and 5329 (Additional Taxes on Qualified Plans (including IRAs and HSAs) and Other Tax-Favored Accounts) are generated by TurboTax based on your input. That is, you don't get them in the mail.

For copies of blank prior-year forms, go to, click on Forms & Instructions on the upper right, then on the left click on "prior year", then enter one at a time 8889 and 5329 in the Search field and click on the handheld spyglass on the far right.

Note that the result is annoyingly not sorted by date so you will have to scroll until you see "Form 8889 (2017)" - adding 2017 to the search field doesn't seem to help this year.

You will see links to the blank forms in PDF, which you can open in Adobe Acrobat and print. Make sure that when you open it in Acrobat, it says "2017" at the top and not "2018".