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Why do i not qualify for child tax credit?

why do i not qualify for child tax credit? this is head of household
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5 Replies
Expert Alumni

Why do i not qualify for child tax credit?

We're unable to see your return, but it may be because one or more of your children are no longer eligible to qualify for the credit. 

Please see the TurboTax Help article Why can't I claim any Child Tax Credit this year? and the IRS tool Does My Child/Dependent Qualify for the Child Tax Credit or the Credit for Other Dependents? for more information. 

Why do i not qualify for child tax credit?

my daughter is 10 .it seems i had the same issue last year. im filing head of household too

Expert Alumni

Why do i not qualify for child tax credit?

Without additional information I am not sure why your daughter is not qualifying.


Listed below are the requirements.


Here’s how to determine which of your kids will qualify you for the credit:

1.  Age test

To qualify, a child must have been under age 17 (i.e., 16 years old or younger) at the end of the tax year for which you claim the credit.

2.  Relationship test

The child must be your own child, a stepchild, or a foster child placed with you by a court or authorized agency. An adopted child is always treated as your own child. ("An adopted child" includes a child lawfully placed with you for legal adoption, even if that adoption is not final by the end of the tax year.) You can also claim your brother or sister, stepbrother, stepsister. And you can claim descendants of any of these qualifying people—such as your nieces, nephews and grandchildren—if they meet all the other tests.

3.  Support test

To qualify, the child cannot have provided more than half of his or her own financial support during the tax year.

4.  Dependent test

You must claim the child as a dependent on your tax return. Bear in mind that in order for you to claim a child as a dependent, he or she must:

  1. be your child (or adoptive or foster child), sibling, niece, nephew or grandchild;
  2. be under age 19, or under age 24 and a full-time student for at least five months of the year; or be permanently disabled, regardless of age;
  3. have lived with you for more than half the year; and
  4. have provided no more than half his or her own support for the year.

5.  Citizenship test

The child must be a U.S. citizen, a U.S. national or a U.S. resident alien. (For tax purposes, the term "U.S. national" refers to individuals who were born in American Samoa or in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.)

6.  Residence test

The child must have lived with you for more than half of the tax year for which you claim the credit. There are important exceptions, however:

  • A child who was born (or died) during the tax year is considered to have lived with you for the entire year.
  • Temporary absences by you or the child for special circumstances, such as school, vacation, business, medical care, military services or detention in a juvenile facility, are counted as time the child lived with you.
  • There are also some exceptions to the residency test for children of divorced or separated parents. For details, see the instructions for Form 1040.

7.  Family income test

The Child Tax Credit is reduced if your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) is above certain amounts, which are determined by your tax-filing status.

  • The credit is limited if your modified adjusted gross income is above a certain amount. The amount at which this phase-out begins varies depending on your filing status. For married taxpayers filing a joint return, the phase-out begins at $110,000. For married taxpayers filing a separate return, it begins at $55,000. For all other taxpayers, the phase-out begins at $75,000. In addition, the Child Tax Credit is generally limited by the amount of the income tax you owe as well as any alternative minimum tax you owe.

What if the credit exceeds my tax liability?

The Child Tax Credit is nonrefundable; if your credit exceeds your tax liability, your tax bill is reduced to zero and any remaining unused credit is lost. However, you may be able to claim a refundable Additional Child Tax Credit for the unused balance.

  • Up to $1,400 per qualifying child is refundable with the Additional Child Tax Credit.
  • You can find out if you're eligible for this refundable credit by completing the worksheet in IRS Form 8812.

Remember, when you file your taxes with TurboTax, we’ll ask simple questions about you and your kids and figure out exactly how much of the Child Tax Credit you’re eligible to receive.

All you need to know is yourself

Just answer simple questions about your life, and TurboTax Free Edition will take care of the rest.

Why do i not qualify for child tax credit?

dependent is 10, i gave birth to them, lived with me all year, i provided more than half the cost, every one is a citizen, MAGI is well below 55k and 75k. im not sure about nonrefundable credit 

Expert Alumni

Why do i not qualify for child tax credit?

 @sarahgazal Be sure you have answered all the questions in TurboTax to match the information in your post.  Especially check the social security number questions to be sure you have indicated the number is valid for employment (unchecked). 


After verifying the entries are good, in TurboTax Online versions using a browser, you can follow these instructions to determine if TurboTax is showing the child as qualifying in box 4b.


Click "Tax Tools" in the left hand menu,

Click "Tools"

Click  "View Tax Summary"

Click  "Preview My 1040" in the left hand menu. 


Scroll down to find your dependents listed there and locate the checkbox to ensure it is checked as qualifying for the Child Tax Credit. 





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