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New Member

Mileage Reimbursement

The federal reimbursement rate for mileage is $.54. My company only pays $.49 per mile. I've already received reimbursement for my mileage at the $.49 rate. How do I deduct the remaining $.05 I am owed for mileage? This is outside of my normal commute.
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New Member

Mileage Reimbursement

You can deduct the difference between the reimbursed amount from your employer and the standard mileage rate by following the steps below.

1.       Go to the search bar in the top right and enter “job expenses, employee

2.       Select “Jump to job expenses, employee

3.      Enter your occupation and proceed to answer the questions

4.      When you arrive to “Any Vehicle Expenses or Sales?” select “Yes

5.      Continue answering the questions and enter the mileage for your vehicle

6.       When asked “Did You Use The Standard Mileage Rate?” select “Yes

7.       When asked “Do you want to see if your actual vehicle expenses give you a bigger deduction? Answer “No

8.       Keep going until you reach the end of the employee business deductions (Not the end of the auto business deductions) until you arrive to a screen titled Reimbursements for Your Expenses

9.       When asked “Did any of your employers reimburse you for any of your expenses?” answer “Yes

10. Now you should be at the “Tell Us About Reimbursements” page. Enter the reimbursements you received for mileage from your employer.

11. You can calculate that amount if you don’t have it by: taking the total business miles driven and multiplying it times the rate at which your employer reimbursed you.

12. Continue to the Job Expenses Summary page and your total expense reimbursement should now be the difference between the standard mileage rate and your employers reimbursement rate for your business miles driven

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