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New Member

I want to take the childcare provider expenses off.

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I want to take the childcare provider expenses off.

To delete your childcare provider expenses please follow the step by step instructions below for TurboTax Online: 

To Delete the Childcare Provider Expenses sign into your TurboTax Online account and:

1. Go to "Federal Taxes" at the top of the screen

2. Select "Deductions & Credits"

3. Screen will now say, "now it's time for the fun part"

4. Select "Edit/Add" next to "Child and Dependent Care Credit"

5. Select "Yes" to "Did you pay for child or dependent care in 2016?"

6. Select "Continue" on the "do any of these apply to you" and "Whose care did you pay for" screens

7. You should now be at the screen that says "Here are your care providers. Next, we'll get your expense info."

8. Here you can either "edit the care provider if needed or delete" or if you just want to edit/delete the expenses select Continue and go the next step I have written here:

9. Now you will come to the screen, "Pick a dependent and a provider, and tell us how much you paid" here is where you can delete expenses (Select the trash can icon next to expenses you want deleted) or edit or add more.

Note: Once you have finished editing or deleting continue thru each interview screen by selecting continue (Answering questions along the way if needed) until you make it back to the "now it's time for the fun part" screen.


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