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Form 1095-A and allocation

My wife and I our filling out the portion of our taxes which ask if we had health insurance through the market place and we did. We listed my son and daughter as dependents under are health insurance but my son whose 22 does files his own taxes and is not considered a dependent. We did get an advance premium credit, but my question is if we allocate 100 percent to my son and we claim 100 percent of the APC and he claims 0% we tried it out and our refund reduced to $80 and his rose from 1000 to 15000. This does not seem right but clearly the tax language says you can allocate any percentage, is this really legal or will my son be penalized in the future.

filed married jointly income- 68000

Sons single income is 12000

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Expert Alumni

Form 1095-A and allocation

Yes, you can allocate it however you choose. You can try multiple scenarios to see how it can benefit all concerned.


Please see this answer from ShawnaD


  • If your parents did NOT tell the Healthcare Marketplace (usually when they applied for health insurance) that you were not going to be their dependent, you will NOT receive a 1095-A of your own.  
    • You will need to get a copy of your parents' 1095-A and enter it on your tax return.  On the screen after entering the 1095-A, you will check the box indicating that the policy was shared by somebody that is not on your tax return.  It will then prompt you with further questions to determine how much of it is "allocated" to you (even if it is 0%). Your parents would follow this same procedure.
    • If there was Advance credit received (column C of the 1095-A), your parents have the option to claim 100% of the 1095-A on their tax return, or to "allocate" part (or all) of it to you.  If you both agree, the allocation can be anywhere from 0% to 100%.  If you can not agree and Advance credit was received (column C on the 1095-A), then it is divided by the number of people on the insurance policy.  For example, if the insurance policy covers 4 people, each person is allocated 25%.



Level 13

Form 1095-A and allocation

@galume wrote:

we allocate 100 percent to my son and we claim 100 percent of the APC and he claims 0%


No, all percentages need to be the same.  So if you allocate 100% to him, he also claims 100% of the Advance credit.


It is legal, BUT you are also required to report changed to the Marketplace.  So you need to tell the Marketplace that he is no longer your dependent.  Then he will get his own 1095-A next year.

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