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  • So my question is I'm a full time college student so is my husband. Our jobs pay for our college tuition well most of it each semester and the rest is paid for with federal pell grants financial aid etc. Except none of tbe money is given to us. We chose to have it all sent directly to the college so we weren't responsible for paying anything back. So my concern is is there anything that we have to claim on our taxes? Do we even need to out that we are in college. Is there anything we need to file since we pay nothing directly. Just don't want my taxes held up and I've contacted our financial aid advisers for 2 weeks now and no response thanks.
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If you paid nothing out of pocket there’s no credit to claim.  But if scholarships and grants are more than qualified expenses the difference is income to you. 

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Ok thank you. I wasn't sure if I had to claim it or not. The education stuff if confusing 

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