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New Member

Can I deduct mileage

I have to travel to different job sites for my job as a union carpenter, can I deduct the mileage?
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New Member

Can I deduct mileage


You can deduct mileage that you drive between different jobs. You cannot deduct mileage from home to your main work location, but you can deduct mileage from home to temporary job locations (any location where work is supposed to last for one year or less).

New Member

Can I deduct mileage

Where do I enter this on the main tax form when filing?
New Member

Can I deduct mileage

How to enter the mileage I used for my second job on turbo tax.

I teach at two university and I understand I can only use the second university mileage for deduction. But the turbo tax would not allow me to deduct.

Please provide me with the proper steps.



Level 15

Can I deduct mileage

This thread is old. Despite the June, 2019 date, the  answer only applies to 2017 and earlier tax returns.  


A W-2 employee's ability to deduct mileage, and other job expenses, was eliminated starting in tax year 2018. This also applies to mileage between two different jobs.


So, unless one of you jobs is as a contract employee (you get a 1099-Misc, instead of  a W-2), nothing is deductible


Even in the "old days", it was only a misc. itemized deduction, subject to the 2% of AGI threshold. 

New Member

Can I deduct mileage

How do I do it on turbo tax. Would you tell me the proper steps.

Level 15

Can I deduct mileage

No.  There's no way in TurboTax, to do something you're not allowed to do.


If you're self employed (1099-Misc contract employee), In TurboTax (TT), enter at:

- Federal Taxes tab (Personal in  Home & Business)

 - Wages & Income

Scroll down to:

- Business Items

   - Business Income & Expenses (Sch C)

It's a long interview.  You'll eventually get to mileage.  You enter you total yearly business miles (in your case, only the miles between jobs).  

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