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2nd stimulus removed from Turbotax return due to 'math error'. Not impressed.

I've always been hesitant to use Turbotax...  This year I thought I'd try it, and it seemed easy enough.  Initial impressions were good.  I had a straightforward return, single filing, very few deductions-- other than the $600 stimulus #2 I never received.  During this past summer, I moved to WA and changed my bank account.  The first stimulus was received prior to that, but not the 2nd since there's no other way to inform the IRS other than your yearly tax return.  


But my worries were for naught, since the IRS website tells you: if you didn't receive one or both stimulus payments, you can simply deduct it from your taxes this season!  Of course I met all of the criterion (MUCH less than $75k/year, etc) to get the full $600, and Turbotax also believed I should have the full $600.  My return included it.  Taxes= filed, what could go wrong?


I normally have my return within 2-3 weeks.  Not this year, and I realize the IRS is backlogged.  But after almost 6 weeks of "still being processed", it changes to "accepted" but minus $600.  The details page said there was a math error (none of the other scattershot reasons they provided had anything to do with me).  Since I didn't do the math, I'm kinda pissed now.


In the details section of the messages that says my tax return was changed is an IRS phone number WITH EXTENSION! to call if I feel there was an error  But (of course) when you call it, there's a message saying they're entirely too busy to talk, call back in July (assumed)) and it disconnects. 


I find out there's a way to see what happened to my $600 stimulus-- but you have to 'register for an online account'.   It asks for a gazillion ways to prove you are who you say you are, which I have, and pass through these doorways one by one.  But then it want's my phone number for final verification, but get this:  it tells you straight up that basically half US phones won't work with this system, yet you need it to work for you to set up your account!  No landlines.  No virtual phone systems, like Google Fi which I have...  Apparently I'm getting an actual postal letter with another way to access it, in 4-6 months (assuming).


Meanwhile, I'm also unable to access info for my 3rd stimulus payment ($1400).  Thanks to the 6-week tax return processing time this year, it's quite possible my new account/address had not been updated when THAT was sent out to a closed account, which means I may have missed out on $2000.  


But at least I can deduct it from next year's tax return.  *facepalm*  ...which will not be filed with Turbotax.  They may or may not have had anything to do with this, but something got botched here and I'm not taking chances again.



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2nd stimulus removed from Turbotax return due to 'math error'. Not impressed.

Most likely the IRS records show that you were already sent that stimulus, which is why they deducted it.  But since you moved, it might have been returned to the IRS. 


Per the IRS,  The first and second Economic Impact Payments no longer appear in Get My Payment.  For information on these payments, view or create your online account and check your mail for IRS Notices 1444 and 1444-B.



Returning Member

2nd stimulus removed from Turbotax return due to 'math error'. Not impressed.

I'm going through that 'process' now-- just to start an online IRS account.  As mentioned, my phone number did not work with their system, so it claims I will get a ye olde letter at some point.  Keep in mind, this is all just so I can try to find out where that $600 went.  


These people have the power to audit us, but apparently don't have the ability to see that the bank rejected the deposit transaction, or see that the check number (now well-expired after 90 days) was never cashed.



Level 12

2nd stimulus removed from Turbotax return due to 'math error'. Not impressed.

While TurboTax definitely has its problems, your problem has nothing at all to do with TurboTax.


The IRS took that long to process the return, not TurboTax.


The IRS sent you the other stimulus payment (if you did not actually receive it, that is a completely different question), so that is why the IRS reduced your by $600.  


You could have had your taxes prepared some other way other than TurboTax, and you would still have had the same results.

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