Wisconsin state return
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New Member

Wisconsin state return

why can't I file my state return yet it says the online file is available

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Level 15

Wisconsin state return

Some forms are not available yet...you apparently ahve at least one taht isn't:


Keep an eye on this page.


Schedule I is "currently" scheduled to be ready 6 Feb...but check back on the 8th


Returning Member

Wisconsin state return



I am trying to download the Wisconsin state taxes?


I had my taxes done last week with the download of the Wisconsin State. Yesterday when I logged back in to sent them I had a an error with no WI State Taxes.


I redownloaded Turbo tax thinking I had saved them wrong and rentered everything again. But still not able to download the WI State. I then thought I had to repurchase just the WI State since I had to redownload turbo tax.


Is the Wisconsin State Tax not ready or is there a issue with my turbo tax.


Did I really need to buy another Wisconsin State Tax as I did yesterday and wasted $42.19?


Please let me know.


I have used Turbo Tax for years and never had an issue. Not a very happy customer at this point.


Thank you,

Laurie Barr

Level 15

Wisconsin state return



Your situation isn't clear.  Folks using the Desktop software have a different state situation than the Online people have


BUT...IF you HAD some WI state  forms in your "Desktop" software already (even if not yet complete ), you didn't have to buy them again.  You just had to wait for the software update after ~6 Feb.....then run thru the WI interview again before filing them. 


(that is...IF you were using the Desktop software and not the Online software.  Desktop BASIC never contains a state software set...Deluxe has two flavors...one without a free state, one with...Premier and H&B always includes a state))


So we can't determine what the heck you've done so far...call Customer Support and have them help you figure out exactly where you are in the tax prep process.



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