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Which state do I designate my 1099-R forms to on form 80-107

So, last year (2019) I was living in Mississippi until September. At that point I moved to Indiana. I'm trying to complete the MS tax form for a part year resident and I'm getting hung up on this point. I've got two 1099-R forms to report on form 80-107. I'm unsure if I call the income reported on them as MS or IN. One of the 1099-R forms was a direct rollover into a 401k account. That was done once I started my new job in IN. I'm fairly certain I need to say that one was for IN, but the other one I'm not sure about. The other 1099-R form was for a distribution of a small amount of money that was paid to me. I called the company asking about the strange check to find out what it was and why I received it. Essentially I was told that when the account closed there was a balance that they had to distribute to me because it couldn't go into the safe harbor account they moved it to. I didn't follow this rationale so asked what I was supposed to do with the check. I was told that I could either invest it somewhere else of my choosing or just deposit it in the bank. I just deposited it in the bank, it was only for $5.86. I'm about 90% certain this was sent to me while still living in MS so my gut feeling is that I need to report it as MS income but I'm not sure.

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Which state do I designate my 1099-R forms to on form 80-107

It depends.

For the rollover, yes, that is fine to use Indiana, since you received it in Indiana. More importantly, rollovers would not be taxable if they were direct or done within the time limit specified for the account.


For the nominal amount in the check received, associate it with the state where you resided at the time of the deposit. Either way will not have a dramatic tax impact, so it is to your discretion.


I recommend keeping a dated and written explanation for what happened and your rationale for the allocation with these 1099-Rs with your 2019 records for future reference.