When Can I Amend My State Return for Ohio?
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When Can I Amend My State Return for Ohio?

So, Ohio has said that if you filed before the unemployment tax break was made law, that you do, in fact, have to file an amended return. TurboTax still says to "Check back next week" if your state requires an amended return. The problem is, TurboTax has said "Check back next week" since March 24. It is now April 15. Is anyone else from Ohio (or any other state requiring an amended return) and also dealing with this issue? I'd like to get this done, as we should be receiving money back from the state for including my wife's unemployment in our federal income. Any information is appreciated.

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When Can I Amend My State Return for Ohio?

Yes. The Turbo Tax software has been updated. You may not amend your Ohio State Income tax return.  Ohio taxpayers who already claimed the unemployment benefits deduction on their originally filed federal return and report that federal AGI on line 1 of their Ohio IT 1040 do not need to take any additional action.


The form 1099-G is taxable to IRS and OHIO Department of Taxation.


See, Ohio Department of Taxation, link for added information.

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When Can I Amend My State Return for Ohio?

That is not my situation, though. I will need to file my amended  Ohio IT 1040 to claim the unemployment benefits deduction. I filed this year before Congress passed the deduction.  I know I will not need to file an amended federal return,  but Ohio has said I will need to file an amended state return – and include documentation: 1. A copy of the amended federal return; 2. Proof of direct deposit; 3. A "Reasons and Exanation of Corrections" form; and 4. Any other documentation needed to substantiate the changes reported. My question is, will TurboTax help me to do this? I've never filed an amended return in my life. I have no idea how any of this works. TurboTax still has no information available for how this will work. The tax filing deadline is May 17, so I have just one month to do this – I think. Again, I'm new to all of this.

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When Can I Amend My State Return for Ohio?

TurboTax is working with Ohio to update the software for the new laws.  We will make the amend process as easy as possible for the users.  Ohio does not accept e-filed amends so when the amended return is printed to file there will be a list of which forms to include in the envelope with the return, as well as the address to mail the amended return to.


The May 17 filing deadline does not apply to amends.  You have up to three years to file an amended return for Ohio.



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When Can I Amend My State Return for Ohio?

The ohio form  IT RE says to include a copy of the federal acceptance letter.  How do we get this in Turbo Tax?  Is it the same as the certification postmark?  I efiled my Amended 1040 for the federal and it was accepted.  However I don't know what this "IRS Acceptance Letter" is ....

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