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Returning Member

Out of State purchase

I purchased an RV in Florida with state tax added.   However, when I returned to my home state of Colorado, after two payments, I was charged CO state tax.   I then turned in the RV to a dealer and purchased another RV from them and was charged CO state tax for the second vehicle.   Am I able to apply the FL tax I paid to my CO state tax?  

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Expert Alumni

Out of State purchase

You won't be able to apply any of the FL sales tax you paid against your CO state income tax - the two taxes are unrelated.


You would have to contact your CO state/local sales tax authority (or DMV) to see why CO "double-taxed" you on the first purchase, and to see if you qualify for some credit on the sales tax paid to FL.


When you make a large vehicle purchase out-of-state, the customary procedure is to decline paying sales tax where you purchased it (FL) and then pay it to your home state (CO) when you register it, Dealers understand and allow this in order to get out-of-state purchasers to buy from them.


The second RV purchase (a trade-in?) should have only been taxed on the difference between the value of the RV you traded-in and the one you bought. 



Returning Member

Out of State purchase

Help!  I entered W2 as the form(s) received for income on the Turbo Tax form.   I don't have any W2s, I only have 1099s and 1095s.  Turbo Tax won't allow me to change from W2 to 1099.  What do I do??? 

Expert Alumni

Out of State purchase

It's easy to remove a W-2.

  1. Open or continue your return.
  2. Search for W-2 using the search in the upper right corner and then click the Jump to link in the search results.
  3. This brings you to the Here's your W-2 info screen. Click the trash can icon next to the unwanted W-2 and then answer Yes on the following screen.


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