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New Member

Illinois State tax

In case of tax payer (my dad) has permanency residency, but not live in US (not been enter US for many many year)

In Turbo tax on health insurance question, I answer no live in US. So turbo tax skip out the health insurance requirement.

It also skip out the state (Illinois state tax filling) { since they can be none residency of state)


The problem is Illinois state mail to us, We own tax. (They say you file Federal income return 1040, why no state income tax filling 2015, 2016, 2017)


I need know is it Turbo tax error to skip out the state tax, or it is Illinois state error(I am not live in USA for long time, I don't need pay for state tax)


If you need more information I can provide it.

Thanks your help


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Illinois State tax

You are an Illinois resident if you were domiciled in Illinois for the entire tax year. Your domicile is the place where you reside and the place where you intend to return after temporary absences. Temporary absences may include duty in the U.S. Armed Forces, residence in a foreign country, out-of-state residence as a student, or out-of-state residence during the winter or summer.


so is his foreign residence temporary and if so, does he intend to return to Illinois.

if not, then he's not an Illinois resident.


does he he receive any income that can be sourced to Illinois.  this can include rental income on property he owns in the state or business income sourced to the state.


if he has Illinois source income, even if a non-resident, a non-resident Illinois tax return needed to be filed?  


did he use an Illinois address on his Federal 1040, own property in Illinois, or was an Illinois resident in 2014.  There has to be a reason Illinois thinks he should be filing a return.


he needs to respond to the notice, so if he has no Illinois source income and is  a non-resident.  he should respond accordingly.  if he has Illinois source income and is a non-resident, non resident returns should be prepared for each year   and sent along with the notice explaining he's a permanent resident of country .... and is only reporting his illinois source income.     


following the question about living in the US there is a question about making money in any other state 

 so if the answer was no, no state return would be prepared.  if he had illinois source income he should have answered yes.  TT made no errors.  

New Member

Illinois State tax

Thanks your information


My dad has “Green card”, but he left USA since 10 years ago.(never back to USA since that time)

For now he has not much intention to return to USA.


He has stock investment; every year has income from dividend and capital gain.

No other source of income. and no other state income neither.


That reason we help him to report income tax return.

Up to 2015 around we always file 1040 and 1040-IL


I remember since Obama care, request everyone has health insurance,

TuroTax start asking why you don’t have health insurance,

and one of reason pardon for have no health insurance is live out of USA,

or less than 30 days in USA.


Since that Turbo Tax skip out the prepare and report Illinois income tax,

because the person not resident in Illinois


Illinois IRS indication Federal IRS Federal tax information share program  

Make Illinois state request we file state tax, pay for tax and penalty.


In this addition information is enough to determine shall we report Illinois tax and pay?


Thanks very much


New Member

Illinois State tax

I think Turbo Tax prepared my Illinois Taxes by mistake without my permission.

Are they still on file?

I need to see the first page; PLEASE HELP ME!

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