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do I need to pay the state eFile fee again?

I entered the correct AGI and both my e-files were rejected this morning. This is a well known issue.


I found out what happened is we got stuck on this issue working on our 2021 taxes last year which took over a year (literally posted yesterday, 1....


Now Turbotax 2022 correctly identifies the issue and after submitting my federal e-file again, it did not ask me for an AGI number so I can only assume the software put "0" in (we'll find out tomorrow morning!)


I didn't submit another e-file for my state because it asked for another $25.


Is there a way to reprocess my state e-file given these circumstances around a known issue that has been outstanding for over a year and did not get fixed in Turbotax 2022?

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do I need to pay the state eFile fee again?

For help with the state filing fees, here are directions for phone support in this TurboTax Help article, depending on what version of TurboTax you have. 

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do I need to pay the state eFile fee again?

ok - thank you @TeresaM for the pointer.  at the end of the day, the issue is "kind of" solved.

After an hour on the phone, the only workaround was to pay another $25 and ask for a refund later.

You think for a piece of software like TurboTax, there would have been an override process to address the issue in less than 5 minutes.  Another possible solution is to give agents virtual credit card numbers (that are tied to just one merchant so cannot be abused) for this one purpose - this would have been another 5 minute solution.

This whole interaction, while my rep was super kind and nice, just tells me this software is going down the tubes.

I hate to sound all negative but the platform is simply not fixing issues let alone making clear enhancements.

The product is no longer "sexy," in maintenance mode, and just trying to survive.

The fact that their team is not even aware of the this year's "cash grab" to charge for state e-files and continue to abuse the "free" marketing campaign to mislead people and encourage filers to pay is another testament nothing is changing (I honestly hope each year, a new TurboTax will come out completely transformed and this has yet to happen)

ok - I'm done ranting and thank god I had laundry to do - an hour to partially solve what is relatively a simple payment issue is just very poor in this day of age!

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