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New Member

Retirement Rollover

I rolled over 3 retirement accounts into 1 place.  Turbotax initially calculated tax correctly when I entered the first rollover, but after adding the 2nd and 3rd accounts it changed the tax to my first entry.  Here is what happened and my entries:

1. Roth IRA Code J.  Amount 2900.  I did an indirect rollover.  I pocketed 1900, and opened an account and put the remaining 1000 into the new Roth IRA.  I indicated that I did contribute the 1000 to a new account in the software.  TurboTax calculated the early withdrawal penalty of 190 correctly.

2.  I rolled a Roth 401k into a the same Roth IRA.  This was a direct rollover with box 7 code H.  As soon as I enter this 1099R, it removes the penalty from entry 1.  On preview the 1040 the IRA is coded 100% as rollover.

3.  I rolled a Traditional 401k into a Traditional IRA.  This was a direct rollover with box 7 code G.  


I need to know what change is needed to ensure that the 10% penalty on the 1900 I pocketed gets re-calculated back into the return. 

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Level 15

Retirement Rollover

I cannot reproduce that.  Are you using online or desktop software?


I suggest deleting the 1099-R's are re-enter starting with the code H.

**Disclaimer: This post is for discussion purposes only and is NOT tax advice. The author takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any information in this post.**
New Member

Retirement Rollover

TurboTax Online, I deleted them all and I tried the different sequence.  Still removes the penalty. 

Level 15

Retirement Rollover

Your $1,900 Roth IRA distribution is not subject to tax or penalty.


1.  If the basis in your Roth IRA contributions was more than $1,900, you should not have had any tax or penalty on that amount in the first place.  Make sure that you have clicked the Continue button on the Your 1099-R Entries page and have entered your basis in Roth IRA contributions and conversions.


2.  It is correct that tax and penalty disappeared when you entered the code H Form 1099-R.  The amount (apparently more than $1,900) in box 5 of the code H Form 1099-R became contribution basis in your Roth IRAs.  This basis was applied against your code J distribution to make it nontaxable and therefore not subject to early-distribution penalty.


3.  Your traditional 401(k) to traditional IRA rollover has no bearing on #1 or #2 above.

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