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HSA Contributions for 2019

2019 TurboTax Premier is telling me I over contributed to my HSA by $100 this year.  I am over 55 and contributed $8000 ($7000 Family + $1000 Catch-up) which I believe is allowable for  2019. 


$7900 was the maximum 2018 deduction.


How do I clarify this with TurboTax?...Their feedback message center is not working.

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Level 14 rjs
Level 14

HSA Contributions for 2019

The 2019 software just hasn't been updated with all the new amounts yet. The early releases of the new software are known to be preliminary and incomplete. There will be numerous updates over the next couple of months before it is really ready to use. One of the updates will fix the HSA contribution limits. You can't file your tax return until sometime in January anyway.

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HSA Contributions for 2019

That is true but  there are certain financial decisions that have to be made and executed prior to December 31, 2019.  The only reason for purchasing tax software this early was to get a fairly accurate assessment of where I am.  The $100 is not going to make a difference but I am somewhat disappointed with the limitations of the early edition.  Understand it is not TurboTax's fault if the IRS has not given the guidance. Thx for the feedback. 

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HSA Contributions for 2019

TurboTax needs to fix this HSA limit problem sooner than later.

Very slightly affects my calculation for a 4th quarter estimated tax payment due to a Roth Conversion.

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HSA Contributions for 2019

@momof6 -  how could $100 be material to any calculation at this time of year?  Even if you are in the top tax bracket it could only affect an estimate by $37.   


TT is trying to balance proving software prior to year end that is not complete with not providing any software at all until it is complete.  Which is your druthers?  

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HSA Contributions for 2019

@momof6  HRBlock software is correct if you need more accuracy at this time.