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Do i need to submit a 1099R with the PA form?

When I submit the PA tax form, do I include the 1099R with it?

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Employee Tax Expert

Do i need to submit a 1099R with the PA form?

It depends.  If your return is being filed electronically, you will not need to send the state or the IRS any forms unless they ask for them.  For an electronic filing, a form will print out (either an 8879 or an 8453) for that acts as an equivalent to the signing page of your tax return.  You sign this form, attach any necessary tax documents to the form, and then keep it for your records.

However, if you are mailing in your return, you need to attach to the first page of return the tax documents that have state tax withholdings.   Whether or not you would need to attach the 1099-R to the state return will depend on whether or not PA tax was withheld.

Having said that, there is practical wisdom in:  If you are unsure, attach it and send it in.  You won't be penalized for sending in an extra form, but you don't want to have issues with not sending in a required form.

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