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New Member

1099-R unable to enter $

When I attempt to enter 2020 $ amount for my Florida Retirement 1099-R, the response from Turbo Tax is that "the IRS is still working on finishing up distribution for Form 1099-R for 2020, so this area is not quite ready".

  I had Federal Income taxes deducted from my Gross Distribution. 


I did my 2019 taxes in February last year with no problem.  What seems to be the hold up with filing in February for 2020?  Thank you.   

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Expert Alumni

1099-R unable to enter $

Could be related to a couple reasons.  First are you using TurboTax Desktop?  Make sure all your programs is updated.  You can do that by going to the top menu and selecting "Online" then "Check for Updates".  Next, are you trying to do an import?  Depending on the financial institution, this could also be another area to review.  I would recommend entering the information yourself.  After you have logged in and are in your return in TurboTax Online:


  • Go to Search at the top of the screen.
  • then enter Form 1099-R in the search box. 
  • You will see a Jump To function that will take you to the 1099-R input screens. 
  • There delete the 1099R in question by clicking on the trash can next to the form
  • Then add a new 1099R and manually enter your 1099R.


At the financial services screens, click "Change how I enter my form" then "Type it myself"


The other item could be the Covid-19 relief form, 8915-E.  The form 8915-E relates to relief for Pandemic related retirement plan distributions.  The IRS has not yet finalized the Form 8915-E for retirement plan distributions under the CARES act.  So this form cannot be included in the TurboTax program.  You will not be able to proceed until the form is available.  The IRS has not communicated when the form will be finalized for inclusion on the 2020 federal tax return.


We estimate it will be sometime in February 2021 before the form is available.  You can watch this link for the form availability.  Currently, the form is not listed here since there is no estimated date.  Once there is, you will find the form listed with the date available.  


IRS forms availability table for TurboTax individual (personal) tax products


Additionally, the IRS will not start processing returns until February 12, so waiting for this form is not slowing down the processing of your return.  I would start by deleting your form and re-entering it.



New Member

1099-R unable to enter $

it will not let me enter it manually

New Member

1099-R unable to enter $

I spoke to a TurboTax person, who was also baffled by it, but finally told me to do a manual update to my download.   The manual update was on the TurboTax website.  After that update, I was able to at least enter the $ amount, but I was still never able to e-File, so I had to print the pages and mail it to the IRS.   I think the TurboTax people are as frustrated as the clients, but they do try to help.   Good luck !

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