Captial gains tax
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Captial gains tax

I just sold my rental property (owned for 5yrs) and it was not in a 1031 exchange. On the profit I received, when is my capital gains tax due? Also, would I make a payment through IRS for the Federal and state tax?

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Captial gains tax

Taxes are expected to be paid soon after you receive the income or at least quarterly. The next quarterly payment is due Sept 15, 2020.


You can pay the federal taxes using IRS direct pay:


Or you can mail a check using an IRS estimated tax payment voucher:


Go to your state web site to see how to remit tax payments to your state. 

Level 15

Captial gains tax

Tax on any capital gains is due by the end of the quarter in which you received it.

Typically, if you send the IRS 20% of your gross profit, then at tax filing time you'll be fine.

You should send your state a percentage equal to whatever rate your state taxes personal income at. Different states tax at different rates anywhere from 5% to 8.5%.

You can pay the IRS online at

You pay your state taxes to your state, not to the IRS. How you pay your state taxes depends on the state. So check your state's website for your tax rate and payment methods available to you. Of the 37 states that tax personal income, not all of them accept online payment.

If you pay online *PRINT* *YOUR* *RECEIPT*!!!

Three golden rules when dealing with the IRS & state taxing authorities.

1) You are guilty until proven innocent

2) The burden of proof is on the accused (that's you!) and not the accuser.

3) If it's not in writing, then it did not occur




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