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Education Fees

Unable to enter college tuition and enrollment fees. I'm on screen where you input the cost of books and other material. When I click on the Tuition & enrollment fees, it shows $0. The info tabs says You entered this number in earlier. However, I don't know nor can I see anywhere in the software where these fees were previously entered.
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Education Fees

Go through these steps carefully and you will be able to update your tuition amounts on your 1098-T.   You can edit your tuition amounts only from the Education Summary Page by editing the school information.


When you are signed in to your tax return, you can type 1098-t into the search bar at the top of the screen, hit enter, then click on the Jump to 1098-t link to get back to the education section in TurboTax.   


You will be taken to the education section but the exact screen you will land on depends on where you left off.  Click through the screens until you get to the Expenses Summary, which will list all students on your return.  From here you can add another student.


In order to change the tuition amounts, you will need to click on Edit, next to the name of the student on the screen titled Your Education Expenses Summary.  


That will take you to a screen titled Here's Your Education Summary


From this screen, you can edit the tuition amounts by clicking on Edit next to the name of the school or clicking on Add New School if your school is not listed yet.  


Please note that the Education Summary and Education Expenses Summary are 2 different pages. 

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