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multiple business

how do I setup and report a second business?

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Level 15

multiple business

To add another business or Schedule C….

Go to Business tab-Continue

Business Income and Expenses

Profit or Loss from Business, click Start or Update.  


You should see the Business Summary page that lists your businesses, right below the list you can Add Another Business.


Be sure to add it under the right spouse if you are married.

New Member

multiple business

OK, I clicked on the business tab, clicked continue, and instead of what you said would be there the software asks "How do you want to enter your business income?" How do I get to the list of businesses from here?

Level 15

multiple business

Oh, I missed a screen.  Does it offer you 2 choices - Walk though Everything or I'll choose what I work on?  Pick the right side one, I'll choose what I work on.

Then if you get a screen saying Income reported on 2018 just continue past that one.


THEN on the top of the next screen click on the top one, Business Income and Expenses - Update  

Have you filled out the first business?  You might have to go though a screen asking if you want to.  Just say no and keep going until you get the screen like this.....


Add Business.jpg

New Member

multiple business

I'm having the same issue. I entered my first business and now want enter a second. I click on the Business Income and Expense button and it just circles me back to the page asking "Howe do yo want to enter your business income." if I select "I'll choose what I work on" it takes me right into the existing business. I never get an option to see what I have so far or add a new business.

New Member

multiple business

Never mind. I found it. I had to select  "Update" under Business Income and Expense then I see what is displayed above. Not very intuitive.

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