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Will my refund be delayed?

I am in a weird scenario.

When the first stimulus was coming out in 2020, I was instructed to use the non-filer method to update my address, bank information, and dependents. We had had a child, moved, and changed bank accounts entirely from 2019 to 2020. No one let me know that this would count as my one e-file for the year, so when I did my taxes with TurboTax (customer since 1994) nothing worked. I had to file by PAPER for federal and two states (you can e-file states without e-filing federal with TT).

I sent my paper taxes in last summer before the deadline. It has shown "in process" since November. I did not get the second stimulus (Jan 2020), and when I check the online tool it says my information doesn't match the IRS's records. I managed to learn about IRS transcripts, and was able to verify that my address on file is the one I am using (we've been at this address for 1 year and 9 months now).

The IRS owes me quite a bit from from 2019 return, plus a ton of interest now. My 2019 tax return issue makes me feel like I'm still stuck in 2020 limbo with no relief in sight. My 2020 return is even higher than my 2019 now because I didn't get my second stimulus. You can't call anyone. You can't email anyone, or chat online. The IRS literally tells you to wait. Wait. Wait. I'm coming up on eight months since I filed my taxes last year. I'm also told (online) not to refile anything or I will screw up an already screwed up situation.

Given all these woes, am I setting myself up for continued failure, frustration, and long waits by filing 2020 taxes ASAP on 2/12?

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Will my refund be delayed?

No, you are definitely not setting yourself up for continued failure. First, if (and only if) it helps any, I still have yet to receive my refund for 2019 tax year and I filed in May of 2020. The IRS site says "in process" and there is no updated date. Second, the IRS does not pay interest on refunds. 


Third, with respect to your 2020 tax year, this will be treated like a completely separate filing. Therefore, fill out the information as it is - current mailing address, income, and any amounts received for stimulus for 2020 (even if a check was received in Jan of 2021, it is still 2020 stimulus money). 


The IRS will be reconciling information on their end to ensure they do not over pay anyone. The worst case scenario, is that given the complexity of our tax year overall due to covid, it might take a while for processing. But you never know so get it processed on the 12th or shortly thereafter for 2020 tax year.

Returning Member

Will my refund be delayed?

Thank you for your response.


I know I'm not the only person waiting on their 2019 return. Last year seems to have provided light on some of the shortcoming of the IRS, especially with their ability to communicate simple information.

According to the "Coronavirus Tax Relief: 2019 tax refund interest" page ( the IRS will in fact be issuing interest payments based on some tax returns. Not only was this all over the new, I fail to see how it doesn't apply, especially after reading the IRS's own page on it.


At this point, I just want to see my tax return. The interest is the least of my worries.


Given this information, I feel better about filing on February 12th.


I really wish information - whether from the IRS or others - had been better communicated last year. It would have saved me more time and frustration if I had let the IRS mess up my stimulus, I don't believe I would have waited any more or less at this point, but it would have been easier to file everything.



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