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Where is my refund?

I filed my taxes on February 29, 2020. Just a few short hours after filing, I got a text notification from Turbo Tax that both my federal and state were accepted. I haven't heard anything since. I downloaded the IRS2Go app and it has been saying for weeks now that my returns are still being processed. About 3 weeks ago, I tried to call and speak to someone at the IRS and I was hung up on by the system for having such a long wait time. Every time I have called, I've head the same thing happen. Now when I call, there's an automated message saying that there are no customer support representatives. I hit roadblock after roadblock just trying to find out where my refund is. I have even contacted my local congresswoman for help and haven't heard anything. It was supposed to be direct deposit. Anyone who can help?

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Level 7

Where is my refund?

Unfortunately, these are not normal times.  The IRS has had their resources burdened with the stimulus payments, meaning far fewer resources available to process tax returns.Then, there are also their own employees taking sick leave or vacation or personal leave out of fear of the new virus.  On top of that, Congress has cut their budget every year for several years, so they were already stretched thin.

You do at least know your return is being processed and just have to wait for further progress.  You're not alone.  My own return was in processing for 4 weeks.


You could try the Tax Advocate office to see if they're taking calls.

Level 7

Where is my refund?

Also, pay close attention to your mail.  The IRS may be trying to contact you by mail.

Level 1

Where is my refund?

Thank you so much for your feedback. I have been watching my mail like a hawk and have not received any mail from them yet. I feel a little bit better that someone else was also waiting in a processing period too. I figured it was delayed because of the pandemic, but every time I try to find out from the IRS website or anywhere else, I am consistently being told that refunds would not be affected and refunds are expected to arrive on time. Thank you, though!!

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