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TurboTax Business 2017 won't open because it says I have to buy State ... which I already have?!

I suspect it's because I had to do a clean install of my iMac?


I did my taxes ... as I have every year since 2007 ... with TurboTax Business. Now I want to reopen my return since I might have to do an amended return. It won't let me because it says I need a State, which is CA, and which I already purchased when I did my taxes for that year.


How do I prove I already paid for it?


It also seems that perhaps I might have had another account ... since you guys only show the last few years, when, again, I've been using TurboTax since 2007.


I talked to a rep, for a long time and she was going to send me I believe a Request form, to get my earlier returns. NOW I always make a PDF copy, but in the beginning I didn't. We checked that both of my email addresses were correct. She said she was going to send to both my newer and older email accounts, but nothing ever arrived?! That was a week ago. Yes, I checked in my Junk and Trash folders.

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TurboTax Business 2017 won't open because it says I have to buy State ... which I already have?!

@makofoto  You might want to try posting your message on the other TurboTax board (link below) since it will get more exposure.


Regardless, you probably should, with more specificity, outline exactly which product(s) and year(s) with which you are experiencing issues. For example, TurboTax Business does not run natively on a Mac - Home & Business does but not the Business edition which is intended for entities such as corporations, partnerships, and estates/trusts.


Also, with respect to your account, you should specify whether you purchased a download or received a CD, and from which company (Intuit or a third party reseller, like Amazon).


I'm not certain if my account is atypical, but my downloads only date back to 2014.