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Rental properties in another state

I have owned 2 rental properties in Indiana since 2013 but live in California.  I have never filed an IN state return, but realized this year maybe I should have.  The first year I had income from the rentals was 2015 of $6,037.  I also own 1 rental property in CA.  All the property income/loss have been combined on my CA state return up to this point. Do I need to amend my CA return deducting the IN properties and then file an IN non-resident return for these past years? Also where on turbo tax do you indicate these different State incomes?

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Employee Tax Expert

Rental properties in another state

You would file a non-resident Indiana return for the rental income earned there. Any Indiana taxes that you paid as a result, would be credited on your resident state tax return. You would add the additional state tax return under the State Taxes tab and complete the non-resident return first to calculate correctly.


You would need to amend the CA return to list the Indiana taxes paid.